[April 2021] Duke’s Corner: The Daily Woofs

Welcome to Duke’s Corner! I’m the hound who stars in the musical Lube: A Modern Love

“MERCHANDISING” by Government “shelters” vs. Pet Rescue groups

Any owner of a human pet will tell you: They are Priceless Treasures! I, Duke The Hound Dog,
could never put a price on the love, trust, devotion, adoration, and confidence between myself
and my human pet, Coach Rydell. To see the stars in his eyes when he looks at me brings
unparalleled satisfaction, unequaled by any “thing” in my life.

And yet, the Government-run
“shelters” and Volunteer run Rescue groups are called to place a price on that relationship every
day. To reach the homes and hearts of potential human adopters, these organizations must use
typical “merchandising” business practices.

Here is the difference:
Government shelters are subsidized. These are frequently a part of the “Animal Control”
division. Staff there are, legally, closely connected directly to that local Police Force. You can
easily acquire the “product” of one or more cheap pets at your local “Animal Control Shelter”.
Here, on-site, salaried veterinarians use production-line techniques to “fix” thousands of pets
each year. They are “stored” in small kennels like jail cells. Cheap labor feeds and walks and
sometimes play with the pets. Administration focuses on high turnover. Every year so called
“shelters” kill pets “for space”.

Even worse, tens of thousands of frightened pets are killed for
behavior issues. The marketing & PR Dept is paid to “merchandize” the concept of cuteness.

In contrast, rescue organizations are run by small armies of dedicated volunteers. Every one of
those persons wants to help pets in need. They bring their time, love, life-experiences, money
and focus. EVERY pet is treated as an individual. The RESCUE GOAL is to provide each pet
with what THAT SPECIFIC PET needs, in a similar manner as if the volunteers were the
parents/guardians of a child. “Merchandising” in a rescue organization means identifying what
THAT pet needs and searching out the best possible family match who can meet those needs.
Pets are housed in family homes. Daily trends of behavior, health, eating & potty habits are
closely observed. Foster Families strive to know EVERYTHING possible about each pet!

Extensive interviews are done for the best possibility of success. After placement, follow up
calls & resources are provided. No wonder long-term burn-out amongst volunteers is inevitable.
But so is the joy and satisfaction!
Whether you adopt because of the “Merchandising” efforts of the local government shelter or the
“Merchandising” matchmaking of your dedicated volunteer Rescue Groups, you will likely be
saving the life of a vulnerable, at-risk, homeless pet! THANK YOU FOR ADOPTING

TODAY! (If adopting is not a realistic option today, YOUR generous donation will feed a
doggy, pay for a kitty’s eyesight, veterinarian bill, and vaccinations. It can even pay for a
spay/neuter and so YOU CAN PREVENT further over population! EVERY PENNY COUNTS.)

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