By Lyricist Jack Turner:

a.     We Need You A Home Poor Bailey

(Sung to the folk tune “Bill Bailey”)

We Need You A Home, Poor Bailey,

You need a home!

A Home The Whole Night Long
Who”ll Do The Cookin’ for you, Puppy,
Who”ll Pay The Rent
Where They Won’t Do You Wrong

Remember That Rainy Eve When You Wouldn’t Go Out
And Get Your Poor Feet Wet
Yes I Know That I’m Too Blame
Ain’t That A Shame
Poor Bailey Yes You You Need  Home

Spay Old MacDonald!

(Sung to the Folk Tune “Old McDonald Had A…”)

Old MacDonald had a cat
Ee i ee i o
And that poor cat she had some kits
Ee i ee i oh
With a kit kat here
And a Kit Kat there
Here a kit, there a kat
Everywhere a kat kat
Old MacDonald wished he’d spayed 
Ee i ee i o

Hold On To The Harness, Check Everything Twice

(Sung to the Folk tune of “On Top of Old Smokey”)

On top of old Yeller

All covered with fleas

I lost track of WOOFERS

When somebody sneezed

He slipped off his collar

He chewed through his lead

And then my poor Woofers

Dashed off at warp speed

He ran round the corner

Through river and dale

Attacking some Yorkies

And raising some Hale

Approaching I nabbed him

But he put up a fight

I shouted, “I’ll miss you!”

As he ran out of sight

So when you walk your doggie

Check everything twice

Hold on to his harness

Please take my advice!

Rescue The Animals

If we could rescue the animals,
Just imagine it,

Rescuing a puppy from the streets,
Imagine saving a poor horsey,
Finding some lost turtle,
What a neat achievement it would be

If we give homes to the animals,
Find them moms and dads,
Maybe give them kids to be around,
We’d find a home for every bunny,

Help to pay the money,

Help to make sure food and toys abound

We would make sure that every kitty”s happy
And we”d find homes for snakes and hamsters too
If people asked us,
Can you find an ostrich?
We’d say, “Prepostrich!”
But we”d do!!

And next we go out finding pets abandoned

The ones so scared and hiding on their own

We”d spay and neuter to reduce their numbers 

And then we find them all forever homes

If we could save all our furry friends, 
Every animal,
Think of all the good things we could do
If we could rescue the animals

Save all the animals
Find forever homes for
All—EVERY animal
Just think of all the happy moms and dads and kids and pets there’d be!!